E-commerce Platform Solution

Gurupia is a platform that allows our partners (Bricks & Mortars, Online Sellers, and Side Hustlers) to earn passive income by offering an extensive catalog of products on demand through our e-commerce stores.

In just three steps, our partners can set up their e-commerce boutiques within Gurupia and offer thousands of products with or without personalization to their community in just minutes.


Within Gurupia, our clients will find support with on-demand order processing and fulfillment without the added hassle of inventory, employees, or a physical store. They can also keep track of all transactions and earned income through an interactive dashboard.

Our competitive Advantage

KNOW HOW:  Development E-commerce B2C and B2B and Amazon Seller Accounts.

CORPORATE STORE EXPERIENCE: We already developed Corporate Stores for clients such as 3M, so we have extensive experience working with standard images, saving time, and meeting corporate rules.

TECHNOLOGY & TEAM: Our Team has developed a technology Platform with proof of concept from Amazon clients & other marketplaces with all our vendors.

INNOVATION: Customization process at your fingertips for each store. Easy to use Design Module to provide you tools to create your store.

RELIABLE VENDORS, RELATIONSHIP, and INTEGRATIONS: We have integrations with all our vendors and the Amazon platform that allow us to offer prices in real time.

Data Integrations

Automation and Integration Process to consolidate and organize the data from Amazon and Suppliers in real-time, to compare with the different KPIs: Prices, Competitors, Delivery Time, and Profitability, to apply the Client's business rules.

Product Management Listing

A One Stop Solution Dashboard for Online Seller's operation, organizing and purifying your product database in a master list called Product Master List. We minimize the costs of daily operations and save you time and money by consolidating the operation in a single dashboard. All business rules actions are made in real-time and with the help of AI.


We automate the search for product opportunities. The platform identifies possible winning products automatically and continuously, once connected to the suppliers' database.

Order Management

Process of consolidates and reconciles orders with a detailed report of profit or loss per order, products in real time.

Order return management

Process, manage and classify all the returns from your current B2C Marketplaces: Amazon, Walmart, eBay, to resell in bulk or wholesale on our B2B Gurupia's Marketplace without having to liquidate.


It updates prices based on the business rules applied in the PML continuously without user intervention, placing bands to reduce losses and maximize sales. Unlike current REPRICING, this can be used in all different sales channels such as Shopify, eBay and Walmart.


Improving inventory turnover, increasing your gross margin and minimizing loss on non-competitive products


Identify and classify products with repeated or incorrectly listed UPC or Asin numbers that lead to incorrect product sales, therefore a bad user experience, negative feedback, complaints and even possible account closures.


Depending on the user profile, or the product and/or category, we help you obtain: clients, Brick & Mortars - Latam Mills, Product Opportunities.

About Marketplace


We create a community to support all members from operating your accounts by automating daily processes to getting you potential clients based on your user profile.


Stage 1

Scouting - PML - Order Management - Order Returns - Repricing - Restocking - Reports

Stage 2
The Marketplace

New Channel for Amazon Sellers - Surplus - B2B | B2C - Get Manufacturers - Connecting Bricks & Mortars

Stage 3
Matchmaking algorithm

Virtuous cycle - Match according to the profiles: Suppliers, Buyers, 3PL


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