Solutions designed to help traditional brick-and-mortar businesses

All-in-One Platform solutions to offer thousands of products, services and donations to raise funds and generate income

How Do Gurupia E-Stores Work

Create your E-Store and start making passive income

Step 1

Create your E-store

Easily set up your online store using our user-friendly templates

Step 2

Add Products

Choose from thousands of products and services to offer in your store

Step 3

Sell Online & Raise Donations

Start selling to customers both locally and globally. Collect donations effortlessly for your community causes.

About us

Gurupia is an innovative platform designed to help traditional businesses (Bricks & Mortars).

Our solution enables these businesses to offer a wide range of products and services effortlessly.
Gurupia supports businesses in raising funds and generating revenue within their local communities.


To foster thriving communities empowered by seamless connections, vibrant commerce, and meaningful contributions, through our innovative platform solutions.


Revolutionize the way communities engage, shop, and support one another. We provide cutting-edge platform solutions that empower businesses to effortlessly connect with their communities, offer diverse products and services, and contribute to meaningful causes. By simplifying commerce and fostering collaboration, we aim to create lasting positive impacts for partners and communities alike.

Benefits of Gurupia E-Stores

Empower your business to grow and connect with the community while making a positive impact through donations.

Expand Your Offerings

Easily earn money by selling a variety of products, like gifts, books, and personalized items, through your own online store.

Quick Setup in Three Steps

Set up your store in just three steps. The platform connects to your website and lets you offer thousands of products quickly.

Effortless Operations

Gurupia handles everything – order processing, payments, and deliveries. You don't need to manage inventory or hire staff. A dashboard shows all transactions and income.


No Hidden Charges.
Pick Your Plan.

(*) Contract Yearly – Monthly Payment.
(**) Each Transaction is subject of payment merchant service of 3%.

Setup, customization of E-commerce Store and integration with the platform and Suppliers

Up to 100 Products & Services


Up to 1,000 Products & Services


1,000 Products & Services


Store Admin. & Management Fee: Minimun Fees if greater 7% all over Sales

Up to 100 Products & Services


Up to 1,000 Products & Services


1,000 Products & Services



Join Gurupia today and take advantage of these incredible benefits

Expand Your Reach: Sell to customers beyond your local area

Increase Revenue: More products and services mean more sales opportunities.

Easy Fundraising: Raise funds effortlessly within your community with dedicated donation tools.

Quick Setup: Get your online store up and running in no time.

Advanced Tools: Use our analytics and reporting tools to track your sales and performance.

Local Supplier Engagement: Invite local suppliers to join, offering goods and services at lower costs while supporting common causes and boosting visibility.

Simple Setup with Templates: Start easily with our platform’s infrastructure and templates, no technical expertise needed.

Seamless Donation Integration: Promote donations like products via social media and QR codes.

Gurupia E-Stores empower your business to grow and connect with the community while making a positive impact through donations.

Who can benefit from our platform


Raise funds, manage donations, and promote initiatives.


Facilitate donations, sell religious goods, and engage communities.


Crowdfund projects, sell merchandise, and gather support

Corporate Social Responsibility

Organize fundraising events, support causes, and engage employees

Local Businesses and Suppliers

Reach a broader audience, collaborate with causes, and promote products.


Sell merchandise, raise funds for activities, and engage students and alumni.


Don’t miss this opportunity to grow your business and make a positive impact in your community.